Velcro Companies announces ACA Threads as its distribution partner

October 08, 2022 2 min read

Velcro Companies announces ACA Threads as its distribution partner

20 October 2019 - You may ask “I thought Velcro was a thing, not a company? And why ACA Threads?”

What you may not know is that VELCRO® is a world-famous brand and the registered trademark of Velcro Companies, the premier manufacturer of ‘Hook and Loop’ fasteners and the company that invented this amazing fastener solution. 

Really?! Yes. Let’s tell you more about it. 

Hook and loop fastener was invented and patented in the 1950’s by a Swiss engineer called George de Mestral, here is the story. To market his amazing invention, he invented the word VELCRO to brand his product and name his company.  It took him nearly a decade to develop the machinery required to produce the product on a large scale and it was some time before hook and loop became well known. In1969 VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastener literally skyrocketed – to the moon! Hook and loop was used by NASA as a practical and innovative way for their astronauts to fasten and close their watch straps and keep tools on them amongst other things. Watch this video… 

Now back down to earth…Velcro Companies has worked incredibly hard to protect the VELCRO® brand name and remain at the forefront of innovation. It is beyond belief to see in how many industries and fields VELCRO® Brand fastening systems are used. And they have more than 400 active patents on different fastening applications. 


Over the years there have of course been many imitations (and Velcro Companies were flattered, but let’s face it – there’s nothing as good as the original!) and there are many to be found in South Africa. Velcro Companies set about finding a suitable partner to work with in South Africa to give the market the brand of hook and loop fastener they really should be using, as it is the first and the best!


With ACA Threads already being the major thread supplier in South Africa to industries such as Clothing, Footwear, Furniture and Upholstery, Bedding, Tent & Tarpaulin, Automotive and more, they are well positioned to be a suitable VELCRO® Brand partner. In addition, ACA is experienced in working with top international brands and providing technical support to their customers. Velcro Companies and ACA are so alike in their approach to doing business that it seems a perfect match. 

If you are already using hook and loop or have been inspired to use it, why not give ACA a call. The quality of VELCRO® brand products will lend credibility, consistency and trust to your products and company.


Tel: 0860 222 739 / +27 21 981 1133

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