Apparel Sewing Thread

Choose from a range of high quality sewing thread for various applications in the apparel industry

When it comes to choosing a thread supplier for your sewing operation, quality is key. It is therfore critically important to use sewing thread that meets all efficiency targets during production.

Here at ACA Threads we are dedicated to offer you, not only the very best quality sewing thread, manufactured according to the highest safety standards, but a wide variety to choose from too.

ACA Threads offers the following sewing threads for the apparel industry:

Seralon: Staple-spun polyester thread

Seralon thread is manufactured from 100% polyester. It is stronger, more elastic and more durable than the traditional sewing cottons of the past and is stable in conditions when exposed to perspiration, water and sunlight. Seralon thread does not shrink and is colour fast to the highest possible degree. These properties, together with the wide range of colours, make Seralon staple-spun polyester thread the ideal choice for the widest variety of garment manufacture.

Acafil: Textured nylon thread

Acafil Textured nylon thread is the perfect bulk yarn (FLOSS) and is mainly used as looper thread during the production of swimwear, activewear and underwear where a soft, skin-friendly finish is required. Also used in the manufacturing of stockings, pantyhose as well as decorative applications on outerwear.

A&E Perma Core®: A premium core spun sewing thread manufactured with a continuous filament polyester core and polyester staple wrap

A&E Perma Core® is ideal for most sewing applications. The core spun construction delivers a thread with a higher strength and better sewing performance over staple spun products, allowing for the use of smaller thread sizes. POLYCORE is a similar product with equally outstanding properties for excellent seam quality.

Liberty Parkgate: Polyester cotton core spun SATIN FINISH

Liberty Parkgate is a multi-purpose sewing thread, made of a high tenacity polyester core with a cotton cover. It combines high tenacity and seam strength with a higher resistance to severe abrasion. With it’s excellent sewing performance, this sewing cotton is suitable for the extreme sewing applications on heavy fabrics and multiple layer stitching.

Finestitch: Lightweight continuous filament polyester

When selecting sewing cottons for the production of clothing made of lightweight fabrics fineness is key. ACA Threads offers a high quality lightweight sewing thread that is engineered to help create the desired seam properties. With a M300 thickness, Finestitch is ideal for bottom hem felling in order to create that invisible seam.

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