A&E Pre-wound Bobbins for Sewing Machines

Sewing machine bobbins in a wide range of filament and staple spun fibres and constructions.

A&E’s high performance pre- wound bobbins for under thread applications are available in a wide range of filament and staple spun fibers and constructions. These bobbins are designed to provide consistent stitch formation and dependable performance to ensure hassle-free sewing.


  • Pre-wound bobbins are available in natural, white and a variety of colours
  • Nylon, polyester, cotton, meta-aramid and para-aramid fiber types available
  • Available in sided or sideless in common bobbin style A to Z
  • Bobbins are loosely packed for efficient and easy access
  • Most bobbin styles are packaged in cases of 144 bobbins (gross)
  • Increased yield over machine wound bobbins means fewer bobbin changes
  • Bobbin uniformity, tack and yardage strictly controlled

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