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Supplier of a complete colour and product range of MADEIRA embroidery yarn since 1983

As we became known for our high-quality sewing thread, ACA identified the need for embroidery in the South African market in the 1980s. However, we wanted to provide customers with the same quality that they were accustomed to in the sewing thread arena.

Since embroidery is so specialised, we decided to import embroidery thread from MADEIRA.

MADEIRA is an industry-leading global decorative and embroidery thread supplier offering a complete colour and product range. For almost a century MADEIRA’s commitment to advanced quality control at every stage of the manufacture process has resulted in top quality sewing products. MADEIRA threads meet world standards and deliver maximum productivity and top results.

After ACA started to import MADEIRA Embroidery Thread in 1983, a licensing agreement was signed that gave us sole rights to distribute MADEIRA embroidery thread and related products to the industrial and semi-industrial markets in South Africa. Hence, we are the only sewing thread supplier in South Africa that offers the industrial market this specialised range of threads.

MADEIRA specialises in Rayon (Madeira Classic) and Polyester (Polyneon) thread; however, we also distribute an extended range of specialised metallic and wool thread, as well as adhesives, backing and film, and other sewing accessories.

Our alignment with MADEIRA affords us the support of their expertise, skills and training development; their product research and innovation; as well as access to up-to-date information and technology. All of these factors are crucial to being an industry-leading sewing thread supplier in South Africa.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the ultimate thread solution: Offering them high quality sewing thread, matched with unrivalled expertise in all aspects of sewing. And this is made possible by the unwavering support of our global partners, like MADEIRA.

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