Yarn Sales & Commission Dyeing

Textured polyester, spun polyester, textured nylon and spun acrylic yarn –Dyed to your requirements

ACA supplies a range of textured and spun polyester yarns, textured nylon and spun acrylic yarns that can be dyed to your specific requirements.

  • Textured polyester – 167f48; 220f96; 333f96; 500f144 dtex PES
  • Spun polyester – 14/2; 14/3; 30/3 tex spun PES
  • Textured nylon – 44/2; 78/2; 78/4 dtex textured PA
  • Ring spun Acrylic – 26/1; 42/1 tex PAC

ACA uses the latest dyeing and DATACOLOR ® technology that ensures quick turnaround, accurate colour matching and excellent reproducibility in bulk.

Speciality applications like UV treatment and/or high lightfastness dyeing can be supplied on request.

If you need assistance with yarn procurement or commission dyeing, please contact us, or use the information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jesko Serrer

Ph: +27 21 981 3600

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Mobile: +27 82 412 6992

Email: jserrer@acagroup.co.za

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