A&E Perma Core® Polyester Core Spun Yarn

Core spun polyester thread for sewing applications in the décor and apparel industry

A&E Perma Core®: A premium core spun sewing thread manufactured with continuous filament polyester core and polyester staple wrap for most sewing applications. The core spun construction delivers a thread with higher strength and sewing performance over staple spun products, allowing for the use of smaller thread sizes. A&E Perma Core® maximises seam quality while minimizing sewing problems.


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  • General seaming of lightweight fabrics
  • Serging and over-locking

M80: Product Data Sheet, M120: Product Data Sheet

  • Thread for sewing seams of light- to medium-weight fabrics.
  • Ideal for high-speed multi-directional sewing such as bartacking, button hole and elasticating.
  • The high strength to fineness ratio of this sewing thread gives an average seam strength of 43.6kg per 5 cm using a stitch density of 4 stitches/cm.
  • Being a synthetic core-spun thread, it has high abrasion resistance, as well as good resistance to acids, alkalis and sunlight.

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