MADEIRA Embroidery Thread 

Top quality embroidery thread in a range of colours, finishes and thicknesses

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ACA Threads supplies a range of imported MADEIRA embroidery thread in a range of colours, finishes and thicknesses for all your home-, commercial- or industrial embroidery.


Sensa Green is one of the most sustainable embroidery threads in the world. This first-of-its-kind coloured lyocell yarn was developed with a lot of care for the earth to add refined textures and marvellous shades to each and every design.
Sensa Green is made from 100 % TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres, is OEKO-TEX ® Certified and is currently available 144 colours.
Sensationally soft, it not only offers top performance on industrial embroidery machines but also opens up completely new opportunities to designers and manufacturers with its unique silk matte finish. Optimised to run at high speed, the smooth but strong Lyocell thread glides with ease on every machine without forming loops or risking thread breaks.

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Applications: Sensa Green embroidery thread should be used where sustainability is top of mind and a silk matt finish is desired.
Sensa Green is suitable to use on textiles for babies and children, intimate wear, home textiles, fashion, promotion embroidery. Sensa Green is also the perfect embroidery thread to use where a more traditional vintage look is desired.
Undyed Sensa Green's – colour no. 71 can be used on textiles that will later be overdyed.


Madeira Classic embroidery thread is composed of 100 % viscose from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. Download the certificate FSC-C184631.

Madeira Classic embroidery thread has a selection of over 400 colours, across various thicknesses - the standard weight of 40, a 60 for smaller details and text, and a slightly heavier 30 to cover larger areas. Colour consistency across the various weights, allows one to use the appropriate weights in the same design, without concern. In addition, Madeira's world-renowned rayon viscose embroidery threads, with a long presence in the embroidery market, is listed in all major digitising software. There is also official Pantone® colour matching available.

Viscose (also referred to as Rayon) has a beautiful sheen, and vivid colours. The super soft nature of Madeira Classic embroidery thread ensures minimal loop formation and protects moving parts such as needles and cutters from rapid wear and tear and allows your stitches to lie exactly where they are put, giving a neat and precise embroidery. It is also ideally suited for fine and light fabrics, as it puts less strain on the material than polyester threads. Designs can be embroidered with Madeira Classic without distortion, making them a perfect match for modern and delicate textiles.

Tests have shown impressive results with CLASSIC running comfortably at high speeds of 1,200 stitches per minute, averaging 400,000 stitches without a single thread break.

Madeira Classic is OekoTex Standard 100 certified and washable up to 95 °C.

APPLICATIONS: All embroidery and embellishment styles
High-speed stitching

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Polyneon machine embroidery thread. is resistant to chlorine and bleach so is therefore the perfect embroidery thread for stone wash items and frequent or heavy duty wash fabrics.

APPLICATIONS: Polyneon thread is ideal for jeans, sportswear, children’s wear, workwear, hotel and catering items

Polyneon thread No. 40 is available in 433 colours.

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This innovative MADEIRA embroidery thread is the world’s first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread. Due to the unique construction and the special finish, this thread reflects the true colours intensively with enormous colouring power, bringing a new sensation to the perception of colours. Frosted Matt is produced using exclusive dying methods resulting in an unmatched light-fastness rating.

Frosted Matt is available in 189 colours.

APPLICATIONS: Applications where colour fastness is important

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Super Twist is a stunning metallic embroidery thread. This spectacular thread offers a genuine metallic shine or metallic effects for selected clothes, bags, shoes, logos, badges and much more.

In addition to the classic golden or silver threads, MADEIRA offers the world’s widest colour palette, count and texture range, which is perfect for all fashion trends.

MADEIRA Super Twist metallic embroidery thread is available in a selection of sizes – from a versatile all-purpose thread, to the world’s finest yarn count that guarantees trouble-free embroidery performance.

APPLICATIONS: For clothes, bags, shoes, logos, badges etc.

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CR Metallic Embroidery thread

You no longer need to be wary of trying your hand at metallic embroidery thread!

CR Metallic Embroidery Thread is a real game changer. It is easy to use and soft. You won’t be needing any special tips and tricks to get this metallic embroidery thread working for you. It’s as easy as using your standard 40 weight polyester threads. You can even continue to use the same needle size. Tension may need to be slightly reduced (80-100 gF/cN), but of course that depends on your machine.
CR Metallic Embroidery Threads are resistant up to 95 degrees C washing temperature and resistant to chlorine bleach.

CR Metallic Embroidery Thread comes in two weights, a 40 for your normal embroidery and a 20 for embroidering larger areas or for a more bold effect.

CR Metallic is manufactured in Germany and is STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX ® Certified, product class 1 and therefore suitable for use in babies and toddler items. It also comes in an exquisite range of colours and is really good value for money.

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HC Thread

HC Thread from Madeira is a highly conductive and versatile embroidery thread developed for the use in Smart Textile applications.

Madeira’s HC Thread provides high wear resistance and excellent stability thanks to a specific manufacturing process which results in a durable pure silver plating around every single filament. Silver plating of each fibre guarantees optimum conductivity which is required especially at contact points. MADEIRA’s highly conductive embroidery thread does not only offer specific technical functionality but also retains its textile characteristics such as flexibility, resilience and easy processing.

There are two weights of Madeira’s High Conductive Thread, the HC40 and the HC12. They are skin friendly, comfortable, biocompatible, washable and therefore ideal for Smart Textile applications. Amongst all metals, silver offers the highest electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition, it has antibacterial and antistatic properties.

Application possibilities and areas are limitless. MADEIRA recommends to test the thread and designs first in order to ensure technical and functional requirements are met.

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Madeira’s newest product! REFLECT.

This embroidery thread reflects light to become highly visible in the dark, as reflective tape would on a Hi-Vis vest.

Madeira’s REFLECT embroidery thread is suitable for designs digitised for 35 or 40 weight threads.

Click to view the Madeira REFLECT Technical Datasheet.


FIRE FIGHTER is MADEIRA’s innovative flame retardant polyester embroidery thread. It does not catch fire but sparks trends!

It is made from 100% aramid and satisfies rigid safety standards. This innovative flame and heat resistant thread is indispensable to motor sport clothing, workwear and protective clothing.

Available in 24 colours.

APPLICATIONS: Where extra fire resistant properties are necessary, for example on fire protection clothing
To meet fire regulations for textiles in home and public décor, automotives, hotels, etc.

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BURMILANA is a speciality thread that has the characteristics and appearance of wool, which achieves an amazing and completely different matt effect finish with a real hand-crafted look.

It is particularly suitable for stitching onto knitwear and looks beautiful as chenille, loop pile or chain stitch embroideries.

APPLICATIONS: Larger embroideries where the hand-crafted look of wool is desired

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LUNA thread makes embroideries glow in the dark, as LUNA stores the light, emitting it in the dark. The luminous power of the thread depends on the intensity of the light.

Thanks to its composition LUNA is soft and kind to the skin and it can be used as a 40 weight thread.

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An essential spray for temporary positioning of appliqués and cut pieces.


  • High volume contents
  • Highly adhesive
  • Easy to apply
  • Really thrifty
  • Light lemon scent


MADEIRA colour cards are standardised worldwide, globally applicable and binding. The preferred tool to determine the shade of embroideries.


The book explains in depth all aspects of the embroidery design process from the basics to advanced creative embroidery techniques. It is full of practical information and important tips about how to create good quality designs for industrial embroidery machines.

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