Seralon Spun Polyester Thread

Seralon polyester sewing thread is one of our locally manufactured products. As a leading sewing thread manufacturer we are dedicated to produce products that meet world-class standards.

Seralon is stronger, more elastic and more durable than the traditional cotton threads of the past. It is the ideal thread for sewing active or outdoor apparel, designed for demanding conditions, like exposure to perspiration, water and sunlight.

Manufactured from staple spun polyester fibre (100% polyester), Seralon thread does not shrink and is colour fast to the highest degree. These properties, together with the wide range of colour choices, make Seralon spun polyester thread the ideal choice for the widest variety of garment manufacture.


Seralon is the perfect thread for sewing light to heavyweight fabrics and expecially adapted to the needs of the clothing industry.

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M80: Product Data Sheet

M120: Product Data Sheet

M180: Product Data Sheet

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