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Whether an apparel or footwear brand or something else altogether, when looking to optimise form and function, one turns to Velcro Industries for innovative fastening solutions that allow for cutting-edge design and improved end-item performance. The result is an enhanced end-user experience and a true competitive advantage. ​

To understand hook and loop, it helps to know the story of how it was invented and how the Velcro ® Brand was born from that innovative idea.​

Who Invented VELCRO® Brand Products?​

Many people have wondered: Who invented VELCRO® Brand hook and loop? It began with a burdock burr, a tiny seed covered in hundreds of ‘hooks’ that naturally catch onto the microscopic loops that cover fur, hair and clothing. The burr was an unassuming marvel of nature and a minor headache for man, until one day in 1941 when the burdock burr, Swiss engineer George de Mestral, and his dog crossed paths on a hunting trip in the Alps.​

Seventy years on, that chance meeting has proven to be remarkably fruitful. READ MORE about the history of Velcro ® Brand Hook & Loop or watch this VIDEO. There is Only One VELCRO® Brand​

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