Anefil® – Twisted Multifilament Polyester Sewing Thread

A high strength thread, ideal for a wide range of materials and industrial sewing applications

Anefil® polyester thread is produced by A&E, one of the world’s foremost sewing thread manufacturers, and distributed by ACA Treads. This high strength polyester sewing thread is a twisted multifilament thread, ideal for a wide range of materials and industrial sewing applications.

Anefil® polyester thread has a twisted multifilament construction that provides good overall performance and superb seam strength. It also offers better resistance to UV exposure than nylon or polyamide thread, while its consistent diameter, and excellent ply security when bonded, ensures superior sewability.

These qualities make Anefil® an excellent leather sewing thread, or for any of the following applications.


  • Filtration
  • Footwear
  • Geotextiles
  • Automotive applications
  • Luggage and handbags
  • Speciality industrial
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Covers, web slings and tiedowns

Anefil® polyester thread is available in bonded or soft finish, and in a range of sizes – from lightweight to extra heavy weight.

A&E: Product Data Sheet

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