Non-apparel / Speciality Thread

World-class industrial sewing supplies, engineered with ground-breaking technology for ultimate safety

ACA Threads offers a comprehensive range of non-apparel / specialist threads, including the A&E range: Anefil® - a twisted multifilament polyester sewing thread for industrial applications, SunStop® a high performance twisted multifilament polyester sewing thread with advanced UV protection, and A&E Performance Bobbins – pre-wound bobbins for under thread applications in wide variety of filament and staple spun fibers and constructions.

Liberty Parkgate is a heavy duty core spun cotton polyester thread for extreme applications on heavy fabrics or multiple layer stitching, while we also offer a variety of sizes and colours Liberty Cocoon Bobbins for various quilting applications done with multi-needle lockstitch quilting machines.

Serafil is an outstanding polyester continuous filament with a noble, soft sheen and high seam strength. This polyester sewing thread delivers most reliable sewing performance with perfect stitch formation. Nylafil is a high strength twisted continuous nylon thread with superior sewability in automotive applications, filtration, footwear, luggage, etc.

We also supply a range of imported threads from the AMANN Group, an industry-leading yarn manufacturer partnered with ACA Threads. Our AMANN thread offering include Serabraid - a waterproof polyester continuous filament that is braided for decorative seam stitching; Strongbond, a robust bonded polyamide 6.6 continuous filament for heavy duty seams which delivers excellent multi-directional sewing performance; and ONYX, a lubricated thread similar to Strongbond, which offers exceptional abrasion resistance.

The AMANN TechX range is engineered for sewing applications in industrial and commercial industries with strict safety requirements. The sewing thread types required for these industries are highly technical, and are manufactured with particular physical and chemical properties. AMANN’s industrial sewing supplies are developed in accordance with demanding requirements, legislation and guidelines based on safety considerations, which means you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety compliance of these products in the workplace.

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