Borehole & Water Purification Project

October 06, 2022 1 min read

Borehole & Water Purification Project

01/07/2019 - ACA Threads always keeps an eye on the future and we strive to constantly become more efficient, have less impact on the environment and create sustainability for our clients all over Southern Africa.
The water crisis of 2017/18 in the Western Cape made us acutely aware of the strategic need for us to have a reliable source of water for our manufacturing plant and control the quality as well as cost thereof. 

Plans commenced in early 2018 to drill two boreholes on our property and to install a water-purification plant, which would yield the desired water quality required for our Dyehouse. This ensure that we remain operational even in times of heavy water restrictions and that we do not put additional strain on the already volatile supply of water from our local dams.

The two boreholes can supply us with a combined volume of 170,000 litres per day. Currently, our maximum requirement is 120,000 litres per day, so there is more than enough capacity to meet our needs. The specifications of our water treatment plant will allow us to treat up to 150,000 litres per day; that is 30,000 litres additional capacity to cater for potential increased production volumes. 

The water treatment plant was commissioned in December 2018 and the boreholes and the plant have been fully operational since May 2019.