Embroidery Thread

High quality embroidery thread for home, commercial and industrial purposes

ACA Threads offers a range of wholesale sewing supplies, including AMANN- and MADEIRA embroidery thread, as well as Acabob embroidery bobbins for home, commercial and industrial purposes.

Whether you need fastness and durability for home textiles, OEKO-Tex certified thread for embroidering baby clothing and bedding, or flame retardant polyester embroidery thread for applications in public décor, automotives and hotels – we have a thread solution for every embroidery application.

MADEIRA embroidery thread is available in a variety of materials with high quality finishes – from smooth, to sparkling, and matt; with all the specifications to meet your requirements and to give your embroidery that extra finesse. The Classic range has been tested at high speeds of 1,200 stitches per minute, averaging 400,000 stitches without a single thread break, while its softness ensures minimal loop formation and protects moving parts and cutters from rapid wear and tear.

The MADEIRA embroidery range include:

AMANN polyester continuous filament Isacord embroidery thread is a universal machine thread for all brilliant and fashionable embroideries. This robust, abrasion-resistant thread is available in a wide range of attractive colours, including multicolour for rich and colourful embroideries. Aside from Isacord, the range of AMANN embroidery thread also include:

  • ISACORD – a universal machine thread for all brilliant and fashionable embroideries
  • ISAMET – metallic machine embroidery thread
  • ISA TEXLIGHT - polyester continuous filament embroidery yarn with glow-in-the-dark properties
  • ISACORD 40 AUTOMOTIVE – 100 % trilobal polyester embroidery thread

ACA Threads also offers Acabob, a large range of machine embroidery bobbin thread. Our Sewing machine bobbins are pre-wound by high-tech machines that regulate the tension, which means it is wound smoother and more evenly. This ensures less jams, breakages and loops – and ultimately, better sewing performance.

If you’d like to enquire about our embroidery thread, or any other wholesale sewing supplies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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