ACA Threads receives 4-Star Water Rating Certification by City of Cape Town

October 14, 2022 2 min read

ACA Threads receives 4-Star Water Rating Certification by City of Cape Town

2nd July 2022 - ACA Threads were invited to be part of the awards ceremony where the Executive Mayor – City of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis along with other delegates who gave talks on conservation efforts of water, what the city plans to do in the future and how it wants to recognise industry and their efforts to conserving water. 

ACA Threads were awarded the 4-Star Rating Certificate by City of Cape Town. The award of this certification acknowledges compliance with all relevant legislation. 

About the awards:

  • GreenCape's ( water team has been working with the City of Cape Town to promote the Water Star Rating Certification initiative.
  • First launched in 2016, the City’s Water Star Rating Certification system recognises commercial and industrial organisations that comply with water-related by-laws, practice integrated water management, and minimise pollution. The awards celebrate local excellence for companies to assess and improve their relationship with water.
  • ACA’s efforts in water management (borehole, groundwater replenishment, controlled meterage of all water used on-site and reuse of grey water for certain processes) is all calculated to a scoring which would indicate our 4-star rating.

The certification process includes an assessment step that focuses on how water is managed. The voluntary assessment covers different aspects of water management, namely:

  • how effluent is handled (e.g., is it discharged into the sewer system or taken away lawfully for re-use by another entity or for destruction).
  • how the water is used on site (e.g., drinking, cooking, bathing/showering, operations/production-related activities).
  • what measures are in place to reduce municipally supplied drinking water demand; and
  • where the water is sourced from.

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