Rally-to-Read 2024

March 05, 2024 2 min read

Rally-to-Read 2024

The Rally-to-Read primary school education project aims to support and enhance the quality of education provided in rural schools, and to help ensure that “no child is left behind”.

Rally-to-Read is a national project co-ordinated across many regions and supported by several funding partners, of which ACA Threads is one, with an eye to provide much needed educational material and resources to schools in rural areas.

Through co-ordination by the regional Rally-To-Read Project Co-ordinators, representatives from various of the funding partners meet up at a central location, before heading out in convoys to deliver educational material and resources to some of the country’s most remote schools. 

For us here in the Cape, the rally teams gathered to collect their Rally-to-Read kits for their assigned team and schools at Mc Carthy Motors in Parow. ACA were represented this year by Brian Roelf, who was a team leader, Bianca Isaacs and Emile Rassie.

They were tasked with delivering their Rally-To-Read kits to St Paul’s in Stanford and Berea Mor Primary in Genadendal.

The ACA team were welcomed with much enthusiasm at St Paul’s. The children put on a little play, read for them and spent a bit of time chatting with our team, who will tell you that it was a very touching experience. Bittersweet too – since the children were such a delight despite their clear lack of resources.

Other than the delivery of books and resources, the program also provides teacher training; with the aim of encouraging literacy development and foster a love of reading to these underprivileged children, who are easily overlooked, seeing they are in rural areas.

ACA Threads have been proudly supporting the Rally-to-Read project since 2019; if you would like to learn more about this amazing initiative and find out how you could contribute, you can phone 087 237 7781 or visit their website at  https://rallytoread.org.za/