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Making a positive contribution in sustaining our environment

olive trees

1000 Olive Trees

With the worldwide growing concern for our environment, we are committed to make a positive contribution in sustaining the longevity of our environment for the future by reducing our carbon footprint. One of the ways we do this is by utilising the unused land on our factory premises to plant olive trees. To date we have planted 1000 olive trees to help reduce the greenhouse gas CO2 from the air and offset our emissions.

zero landfill

Zero Landfill

Our Zero Landfill Project has kept more than 300 cubic metres of polypropylene from entering the landfill.
1 x 20 cubic metre skip per month at a yearly cost of R45 000 to no skip, only 2 wheelie bins per week at no cost to company.

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Utilising Solar Energy

 In 2013 ACA Threads installed a solar water heating system for the dye house and in 2015 a 131kWp photovoltaic solar power system was installed. By supplementing a percentage of our electricity usage with renewable energy to power our production line reduces our contribution of harmful carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases.

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