Liberty Parkgate Core Spun Cotton Polyester Sewing Thread | ACA Threads

Parkgate Core Spun Polyester/Cotton Sewing Thread

A heavy duty sewing thread with excellent sewing performance


Do you need a strong sewing thread that is durable enough to withstand severe abrasion for heavy duty applications, such as shoes, luggage, outdoor and military equipment?

Liberty Parkgate core spun cotton polyester sewing thread SATIN FINISH is a multi-purpose heavy duty sewing thread made of a high tenacity polyester core with a cotton cover.

This durable cotton polyester sewing thread combines high tenacity and seam strength with a higher resistance to abrasion. It has excellent sewing performance and is suitable for extreme sewing applications on heavy fabrics and multiple layer sewing.


  • Shoe, luggage, and leather products
  • Upholstery
  • Military equipment
  • Heavy fabrics, tents and other outdoor equipment
  • Automotive
  • Geo & technical applications
  • Sails, Harbour slings & Truck tie-downs
  • Awnings

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